Each and every virtual or dedicated hosting server has its own Operating System and works independently from the servers of other customers. Updating the OS is frequently neglected, but doing that may have a wide range of advantages for your sites. The most essential reason to use the newest version is that patches are usually released to fix security holes inside the Operating System code, so if you don't install the updates, you risk people with harmful intentions to take advantage of these holes and to get access to your content. OS updates are also released for much better functionality of the system as a whole and for far better compatibility with the hardware on the market, which could immediately impact the performance of your websites. If the performance and the security of your scripts is the reason to update them, you might also know that their newest versions require an updated Os to be able to work effectively, consequently keeping the Operating system up-to-date is always a wise idea.
Weekly OS Update in VPS Servers
We offer weekly Os updates as an element of our Managed Services pack, so in case you have a VPS servers from our company and you add this upgrade to your plan, our system administrators shall make sure that you have the most up-to-date version of the Operating system installed on your hosting machine at all times. They will also double-check any web or offline software running on the Virtual private server after the update as to ensure that all things are working correctly. The update service can be employed for any one of the 3 Operating Systems that you can choose for your hosting machine - Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS. This way you'll be able to enjoy a reliable and secure software environment in case you aren't very tech-savvy or if you do not have much time to take care of the hosting server.
Weekly OS Update in Dedicated Servers
We can keep the Os on your dedicated server updated every week as an element of our Managed Services upgrade, that you can add to your plan whenever you want using your billing Cp. The service applies to all Operating Systems we supply for the hosting servers and our admins shall install all software patches that have been officially released so as to make sure that you have a stable and risk-free server for your sites. They will also double-check if the software that you have installed is working correctly after the update. The service is an excellent choice in the event that you do not have lots of experience running your own hosting server or if you simply don't want to lose time on administration tasks.